GRAND DÉFI         _In late September 2016, young people from Sarcelles took the initiative to create a Facebook challenge. Their goal is to help homeless people by preparing meals and distributing them in Paris. The principle: each nominated district has the challenge of organizing, preparing and distributing dishes. Each neighborhood is nominated by the previous district having taken up the challenge. Malik Diallo, who created the Facebook page Le Grand Défi is the origin of this call. Delivery driver and resident of the district of Vignes Blanches in Sarcelles, he had the idea of this action during a tour, seeing the amount of homelessness in the streets. The initiative immediately aroused the interest of residents and other neighborhoods. Then, another neighborhood was designated to help. _On November 13th,  Malik and his friends at the origin of the Grand Défi, supervise the challenge tried this time by the "little brothers" of their neighborhood. In addition to the prepared meals, the youngsters collected kilos of clothes and blankets, which they sort before loading the truck they rented for distribution. That evening, they will go in procession of cars to Paris Porte de la Chapelle and Saint Denis.